Overview and Policies


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YOUTH & TEEN Camps: Kindergarten-8th grade

Through discovery based learning and design thinking, youth in our camps carry out experiments, engage in team activities, build and program robots, learn new technologies, and see how art, science, and engineering work in the real world!


Camp Location: Providence School, 3225 Calle Pinon, Santa Barbara.

Camp Location: Art Explorers Studio, 5330 Debbie Rd. Suite 100, Santa Barbara


Full-Day Camps held at Providence School will run each week with a max of 12 students per camp. Staggered times will be: 8:30-3:00pm or 9am-3:30pm. Our K-2 camps run from 9am-2pm. Please check your registration CAREFULLY for the times of the camp that you registered for. Providence School is located at 3225 Calle Pinon, SB, with easy access via 101 exiting at Los Positas or off Foothill Rd to San Roque.

Half-Day Camps held at Art Explorers Studio will run each week with a max of 10 students. Staggered times will be: 8:30-12:30pm; or 1:00-5:00pm. Please check your registration CAREFULLY for the times of the camp that you registered for.
Art Explorers Studio is located at 5330 Debbie Rd, SB. directly off Patterson.

 Due to COVID, we do not have before-care or after-care for our camps this year to prevent intermingling of groups of campers.

Register for more than one camp at the same time and receive our multi-camp discount of $10 per camp!  Our multi-sibling discount is $10 per sibling. Many campers attend several weeks of camp! Additional lab fees apply to some camps. 

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Why Choose Us for Your Child’s Camp This Summer?


Safety First:

We take physical safety and emotional safety very seriously. Children are supervised at all times, our staff are background checked, and we have a zero tolerance for bullying of any type. We respect and affirm EVERY child, parent, and teacher, and will not tolerate any form of prejudicial or demeaning comments, jokes or actions. Children like adults have disagreements and our staff work to resolve those in a caring and responsible way. Our goal is to provide an environment where children feel accepted, are assisted to get to know each other, and feel welcome and involved in their own learning.

For the health and safety of all our campers, we are NUT-FREE. Please do not bring peanut butter sandwiches or other nut types.


Our staff/child ratio is 1:9. Our male and female staff are comprised of teachers, engineers, artists, graduate and undergraduate college students in the departments of science, engineering,  medicine, education, computer science, math, and art. When hiring, our top priority is to have staff who LOVE working with kids, are smart, can communicate effectively with children and parents, and work together as a team.  We have high expectations of our staff: warm, enthusiastic, engaging, a smile on their face, prepared for each day, and committed to making camp a wonderful experience for kids. We provide training to counselors in the curriculum they will teach, classroom management, Tribes education, safety, and conflict resolution. To learn more about Tribes: http://tribes.com/about/

Cutting Edge Curriculum:

65 DIFFERENT Camps… the largest array of different camps in Santa Barbara County! We have created an unparalleled set of cutting edge programs designed for the young mind ages 5-15. Our philosophy is to develop a hands-on, minds-on, challenging STEAM program for girls and boys that lays the foundation for innovative minds, problem solvers and design thinkers of the future. Each camp and curriculum is inquiry based, developed by a team of professionals and “kid-tested” to ensure that camps are fun, full of learning concepts, and have a track record of being successful!


Selecting the Right Camp For Your Child:

Critical to a successful camp experience is that your child knows the content of the camp in which he/she is enrolled. Be sure that both you and your child have read the camp description and that it is a good fit. Getting your child to try something new is always a positive effort, but if you as the parent select a rocket science camp and your child does not like soldering, constructing, or programming, it is likely to not be a good fit especially if your child does not know what they are getting into. Our camps are grouped by age levels and each week we have a selection of camps appropriate for Kindergarten-8th grade. Please do not enroll your child for a camp that requires a higher grade level than your child is entering. We try very hard to keep our camps and campers matched at the appropriate social maturity level, reading skill ability, and curriculum content. Enrolling your child in a camp where there is not an age appropriate fit makes it challenging not only your child, but for the other campers and the instructor. Sometimes parents ask if they can enroll their younger child with an older sibling because they want to be together. Please let your child know they will see their sibling at recess, lunch and playtime, but will not be together in a specific camp. Let your children know that camp is a great opportunity to make new friends and they can come back year after year looking forward to the next level of camp! If you have questions, please email or call.  


Cancellation Policy:

Our flexible cancellation policy allows you to make changes in your summer schedule or receive camp credit if your child cannot attend. A 75% refund will be made through April 31st and 25% credited to your Active account.  Between May 1st-May 31st, if you need to cancel, no refunds will be issued. However, we will credit your full camp payment to ACTIVE account for future use. After June 1st, no refunds or credits will be issued. If you need to change weeks and there is sufficient room in another camp, campers may transfer without charge with one exception. Changes that occur within 7 days of the start of a camp, may incur a $35 fee to cover administration costs. If your child is sick for an extended period of time, we will credit your account or transfer them to a different week.”



If you have questions or concerns about any aspect of our camps, our directors or instructors are available to talk with you. Our goal is always to have a positive atmosphere and experience for our campers, instructors and parents. Being respectful and modeling appropriate communications is critical for our kids to observe as well as to resolve any issues.


Family Day on Fridays:

Sadly, we are unable to hold our Family Days for camp this year due to Covid restrictions. However, we hope that 2022 will be fully normal. 


What to Bring to Camp:

Wear closed-toe shoes! Bring lunch, snack, and water bottle.  We ask that you provide healthy lunches and no sodas or candy. Thank you! DO NOT bring phone, toys or backpack.


Administration of Medicine

If your child requires any medications during the time he/she is at the camp, please download this form and print it, fill in the required information, and bring it with the child on the first day of camp.  Administration of Medicine Form (Click Link to Download Form)


Camp Evaluation Form

After your child returns home from Summer Camp, we ask that you fill out the online Camp Evaluation Form. Your input will greatly help us improve the camps and course offerings. We can’t wait to hear from you! Online Camp Evaluation Form.

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Register for more than one camp (at the same time) and receive our multi-session discount ($10 off per camp). Our multi-sibling discount is $10. Automatically applied at registration.