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Terrific Scientific classes use hands-on materials such as LEGO® EV3,  LEGO®WeDo, Dash & Dot, KNEX, KEVA, Circuitry, that emphasize a mixture of STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math) concepts and foster imaginative thinking all within a child’s world of having fun. Our curriculum uses an inquiry-based approach to learning that utilizes discovery and scientific thinking processes to explore knowledge and learn skills. To achieve this, our instructors create an environment rich with experiences that encourage curiosity, stimulate thinking and provoke questions (inquiry). Such experiences help develop critical thinking abilities as kids build robots and 3 dimensional structures, learn to program, and experience technology in many different formats.

Our Kindergarten-6th grade after school enrichment program consists of weekly one hour sessions that last for 8-12 weeks (depending on location). Classes are conveniently held on your child’s school campus, and start immediately after school ends.  Classes are also held at the Terrific Scientific Studio, conveniently located at 5330 Debbie Rd, Suite 100, directly off Patterson near the 101. The same classes are offered, just different days and times!

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Little Bot Engineer– Kindergarten

This class is geared to young inquisitive minds! We introduce 5 year-olds to engineering, robotics, programming, and technology through fun, hands-on, project based activities using a wide variety of learning materials including Dash & Dot robots, K’NEX, Lego, Snap Circuits and KEVA. As children build 3D models, simple machines, and robots, they learn about structural, mechanical and electronics engineering, are introduced to the basics of coding, and learn to program with visual drag-and-drop software. Our classes empower little engineers to ask questions, define problems, and think about solutions while cooperating with team members and having loads of fun! Projects are new every session!

Jr. Robotics Engineer – Grades 1-3

Our young creators discover simple and motorized machines, build robots, learn coding, and apply real-world concepts in physics, engineering and architecture through the use of both plugged and unplugged learning materials. Using creative learning materials including K’NEX, Lego WeDo and Simple Machines, KEVA, Dash & Dot robots, electronic circuits, computers and tablets, we provide a fun-filled, hands-on, minds-on class. Students gain skills in structural, mechanical and electronics engineering, technology, and programming; think critically about design changes; and develop problem-solving skills. Our instructors provide instruction and set challenges for students, as well as guide and encourage exploration. Projects are new every session!


Master Robotics – Grades 4-6

Using the engineering design process, students will build with hardware and code with software to design, create, test, and refine a variety of robots, machines, and engineering projects. With Legos EV3, and WeDo2, students build and program robots designed to perform challenges such as SumoBots, Catapult Challenge, Racing Bots, Robot Assistant, Ball Throwing and many other inventions. Throughout the sessions, students progress through a set of challenges and projects that integrate computer science, mechanical and electronics engineering, and technology, while prompting creative problem solving, communication, and teamwork. So much mind-bending fun! Projects new every session.

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