Gr. K-1: Science, Art, Engineering, & Technology

2020 Summer MINI-CAMPS



Our half-day Mini-Camps  are open for registration and the first week of camps will be June 29-July 3.
Due to COVID-19, we have modified our regular camp offerings to half-day sessions and reduced the overall number of camp programs.

Space is very limited. Go to this page for COVID-19 protocols and procedures related to our camps:

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Camp Location: Providence School, 3225 Calle Pinon, Santa Barbara.

Staggered Hours of Camp: 8:30am-12:30pm; 9:00am-1:00pm; 10:00am-2:00pm; 1:30pm-4:30pm

Note: Please do not enroll your child for a camp that requires a higher grade level than your child is entering. We try very hard to keep our camps and campers matched at the appropriate social maturity level, reading skill ability, and curriculum content. However, if your child is older and wants to take a camp listed in the next younger category, that is fine.

Full-Day Summer STEAM Camps



Dear Parents, when registering more than one child or for more than one camp at the same time, there is $10 off for multi-session (the 2nd and others) on same order and $10 off for multi-person. 

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Camp Location: Providence School, 3225 Calle Pinon, Santa Barbara.

Hours of Camp: 9:00am-3:30pm. Before Care 8:00am & After Care 3:30-5:00pm. No aftercare on Fridays. Before care $20p/wk (4 days) and $32 aftercare per week (4 days).

Note: Please Do Not enroll your child for a camp that requires a higher grade level than your child is entering. We try very hard to keep our camps and campers matched at the appropriate social maturity level, reading skill ability, and curriculum content.

Choose from 8 Different Camps Below in Science, Art, Engineering & Robotics!

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Weeks June 15-19 June 22-26 June 29-July 2 July 6-10 July 13-17 July 20-24 July 27-31 Aug 3-7
Grades K-1      Location:  Providence (PR)  and Solvang  (S)      Star * next to camp name indicate they are new this year.
Jr.Chemist             PR  
*Little Maker           PR    
*Mini-Masters         PR      
Enchanted Creatures               PR
Toy Inventor       PR        
Jr.Paleontologist   PR            
Little Bot Programmer     PR          
Little Scientist         PR      

Campers must bring water, snack, and lunch. We are NUT-FREE. Please do not bring peanut butter sandwiches or other nut types for the health and safety of all our campers.


Enchanted Creatures Camp – Gr. K-1
Cost: $270 /5day camp

Welcome boys and girls to our fantasy world of enchanting creatures like a Niffler, Elves, Fairies, Hobgoblin, Dragon, Narwal & Merpeople, Sea Serpents, Gnomes, Pixies, Will-o-wisp, and Unicorn! Projects include creating magical wands and good luck potions, sculpting clay creatures and creature houses; making goblin slime, painting, drawing, and dressing up as fantastic beasts. We will read stories, make masks, and use a variety of mixed media to create a magical world! LOTS of artsy fun, reading, and make-believe!

*NEW Mini-Masters – Gr. K-1
Cost: $270 /5day camp

Discover our fun and playful art camp with whimsical animals, people and nature, still life, simple landscapes, and 3-D projects. Campers gain self-confidence as they learn to draw, paint, sculpt, and collage while using artist quality media! No theme, just great fun creating wonderful pieces of artwork while using a mixture of artist quality materials including clay, watercolor, paint, soft pastels, oil pastels, Art Stix, illustration markers, AquaStics, and more! Art Explorers guides young children in the transition from random scribbling to intentional drawing and helps them see how lines and shapes fit together to create recognizable forms.

Engineering, Programming & Robotics

*NEW Little Maker – Gr. K-1
Cost: $270 /5day camp

This is the perfect maker camp for the 5-year-old creator that loves to tinker, build, take things apart, learn how things work, and create new things. With our fun DIY projects like antigravity jars and lunchbox guitars, books like Intersteller Cinderella, Rosie Revere, Engineer, and creative construction materials such as Lego Simple Machines & Tech Machines, KEVA and K’NEX, your little maker will explore and tinker to their heart’s content. Whether it is building towers or a zoo, learning about levers, gears, axles, and gravity, letting their imagination transform ideas into models, or making connections between science, engineering and technology, this camp is sure to spark curiosity and creative thinking.

Little Bot Programmer – Gr. K-1
Cost: $270/5 day camp

Yes, 5 year-olds can learn to code through fun and engaging play! We use KIBO, Dash & Dot robots, and Puzzlets to introduce beginning programming to young children. Young campers learn the basics of coding, build and program our loveable robots with light, sound, sensors, and movement. They create characters in interactive games and stories using both on-screen and non-screen activities. By snapping together graphical programming blocks, campers can add voices and sounds and make their characters move, jump, dance and sing. Non-screen time includes programming with KIBO and Puzzlets and learning how circuitry works. This camp appeals to both technically minded kids and those that connect to art and stories. Warning! Be prepared…your child will not want to leave camp at the end of each day!

Toy Inventor – Gr. K-1
Cost: $270/5 day camp

Immerse yourself in our toy inventor’s workshop as you make different projects like a kaleidoscope, pocket rocket, sponge ball slingshot, Peep boat, musical instrument, and a lava lamp to take home. Learn about engineering and design thinking as you build simple machines, bridges and structures from blocks, understand how electricity works using snap circuits, discover why kaleidoscopes produce such beautiful colors, and create your own monocular. Sir Isaac Newton never had this much fun! On the final day, show off your inventions and collaborate to build a zoo, city or park and share it at Family Open House.


Jr. Chemist–Gr. K-1
Cost: $270/5 day camp

Explore the fun of Chemistry with all that is ooey, gooey and just plain slimy!  We have chosen our favorite chemistry activities from our stockpile of recipes and formulas to bring you the best of the best. Campers will love digging into and examining the results of these crazy chemical concoctions!  Among the many wacky, wild and crazy concoctions, your Chemist will discover Blob Explosions, Funny Putty, Magic Bubble Paint, and Chewing Gum, as well as learn the importance of measurement and sequencing while cleaning pennies, observing fruit changes, and investigating candy chromatography.

Jr. Paleontologist -Gr. K-1
Cost: $270/5 day camp

Campers explore the wondrous world of pre-historic creatures and fossils! Learn what life was like back when dinosaurs, giant reptiles and bugs ruled the earth. Campers will meet a variety of dinosaurs and learn about their habitats and food supply. Sample projects include a Pteranodon model, panning for gems and minerals, building a volcano, casting a seashell model, and a dinosaur egg dig. Special emphasis is placed on observation, inference, data collection, and just plain old fun!

Little Scientist -Gr. K-1
Cost: $270/5 day camp

This unique camp will offer a collection of projects and experiments that will amuse and amaze your little scientist! Through hands-on activities, children will explore the basic scientific ideas that play a role in everyday life. Sample projects include: Rocketry, Glowing Firefly, Edible Oceans, Marshmallow Catapults, Life cycles and Metamorphosis, Growing Radish Head, Endangered Species, and Beeswax Candle. Campers learn how the scientific method helps us determine answers to our many questions and introduces noteworthy scientists in an engaging and fun way.

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