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Terrific Scientific programs use LEGO® EV3,  LEGO®WeDo, Dash & Dot, KNEX, KEVA, Circuitry, and other hands-on projects that emphasize a mixture of STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math) concepts and foster imaginative thinking all within a child’s world of having fun. Our programs are designed for youth 6-14 years old.

Science is, by its nature, inquiry based. Inquiry is an approach to learning that utilizes discovery and scientific thinking processes to explore knowledge and learn skills. In order to achieve this, facilitators of inquiry based learning must create an environment rich with experiences that allow learners to act on their own curiosity. Youth need experiences that will stimulate their thinking and provoke questions (inquiry). Such experiences will help develop critical thinking abilities, which happens in our programs as kids build robots and 3 dimensional structures, learn to program, and experience technology in many different formats.

Our after school enrichment program consists of weekly one hour sessions that last for 8-12 weeks (depending on location). Classes are conveniently held on your child’s school campus, and start immediately after school ends.  After school classes are also held at the Terrific Scientific Studio, conveniently located in Old Town Goleta, at 5370 Hollister Ave, Ste 2, near the intersection of Patterson and Hollister Ave. The same classes are offered, just different days and times!

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2016-17 Classes are now open!

After School Classes

Fall Session:  September 11-December 15, 2017

Winter Session: January 8-March 23, 2018

Spring Session:  April 3- May 25, 2018



Little Bot Engineer– Kindergarten

This class will run Fall, Winter and Spring 2017-18 with all new projects each session.

This class is geared to young inquisitive minds! We introduce 5 year-olds to engineering, robotics, programming, and technology through fun, hands-on, project based activities using a wide variety of learning materials. As children build 3D models, simple machines, and robots, they learn about structural and mechanical engineering, are introduced to the basics of coding, and learn to program with visual drag-and-drop software. Our classes empower little scientists to ask questions, define problems, and think about solutions while cooperating with team members and having loads of fun! Projects are new every session.

Jr. Robotics Engineer – Grades 1-3

Our young creators discover simple and motorized machines, build robots, learn programming, and apply real-world concepts in physics, engineering and architecture through the use of both plugged and unplugged learning materials. Includes Legos, tablets, robots, simple machines, architectural blocks and other creative materials to provide a fun-filled, hands-on, minds-on class. Students gain skills in structural and mechanical engineering, technology, and programming, think critically about design changes, and develop problem-solving skills. Our instructors provide instruction and set challenges for students, as well as guide and encourage exploration. Projects are new every session!

Master Robotics – Grades 4-6

Combining the versatility of the LEGO building system and EV3 software, students will build, tinker, program, and complete a design/building assignment given at the beginning of class. Design assignments are real world challenges and students discover their own solutions through exploration, and trial and error field testing. Students gain skills in mechanical engineering, programming, robotics, innovation and problem solving. Instructors will provide individual assistance and instruction, and facilitate challenges, performance testing, competitions, and modifications to projects.

Engineering & Technology for GIRLS:            Grades 1-3 and Grades 4-6 & UP

Why just for girls? Because research shows that the gap for young women in science, engineering and technology (versus men) is increasing and will impact their future job opportunities. When girls and boys are very young, the curiosity for science and an interest in how things are made is the same. Yet by the time girls reach elementary and junior high, that “curiosity” and “how to” interest has often diminished due to stereotypes, lack of role models and tech oriented experiences. Adding to this challenge, girls often do not want to be in engineering or technology related classes with boys as they perceive them to have better skills and capabilities. Do your daughter a favor this year and enroll her in our hands-on, fun classes that introduce and strengthen skills in spatial awareness, design thinking, physics, programming, and digital games…just for girls! Students grouped by age.


Minecraft Modding     Gr. 4 -8

Requirement: Experienced with Minecraft and interested in programming.

Did you know that MinecraftTM was built using JavaTM code? Get a head start in life by developing invaluable coding skills with Minecraft.  Our class will teach you to use JavaTM code to control your own MinecraftTM server, build mods and design your own “games within the game”. Coders become digital creators with real world skills and are challenged to progress from drag-and-drop to text based programming, gradually stripping away the graphical support in phases to reveal and use the raw code underneath, using a trial-and-error approach. Our unique code editor allows students to learn at their own pace while participating in a group setting.  There are no limits to this program, kids just keep inventing and learning! They can share their mods with their friends in and out of class! Students are grouped by age and experience level.

All students ARE REQUIRED to have their own Minecraft™ account for this class. Purchase a standard account and desktop version of Minecraft™ ($26.95) at On the first day, students must bring their login credentials for Minecraft to ensure a streamlined learning experience.


Robotics & Technology SUMMER Camps 2017

Ages 5-15

Engaging does not even begin to describe our summer camps! Terrific Scientific

offers many different building and robotic camp experiences in 3 different age

groups. Join us for a week of building, programming and solving challenges that

make science and technology fun and exciting!

For a full description of camps click here.

Camp prices start at $299 per week.
We encourage your child to try both our after school programs and summer day camps.

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