Gr. 1-3: Science, Technology, Engineering, Art & Math

2019 Summer STEAM Camps – Grades 1-3


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Registrations are for ENTERING 1st-3rd graders.

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Camp Locations: Vieja Valley School, 434 Nogal Drive, Santa Barbara.

Hours of Camp: 9:00am-3:30pm. Before Care 8am & After Care 3:30-5:00. No aftercare on Fridays. Before care $20p/wk (4 days) and $32 aftercare per week (4 days).

1st Graders can attend camps for the Gr. K-1 or Gr. 1-3 group. After care options differ by camp.

Note: Please do not enroll your child for a camp that requires a higher grade level than your child is entering. We try very hard to keep our camps and campers matched at the appropriate social maturity level, reading skill ability, and curriculum content. However, if your child is older and wants to take a camp listed in the next younger category, that is fine.

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  June 10-14 June 17-21 June 24-28 July 1-5 July 8-12 July 15-19 July 22-26 July 29-Aug2 August 5-9
Gr.1-3      Location:  Vieja Valley School(VV)    Star * next to camp name indicate they are new this year.
*Art Expedition II VV               VV
*Famous Faces/Places     VV     VV      
*Art Potpourri   VV           VV  
Pirates of Caribbean       VV          
Star Wars Galactic         VV        
Animals on the Wild Side             VV    
Sew For Fun               VV  
Culinary Arts/Food Science                  
Mini-Chef   VV   VV     VV    
Game Design                  
Beginning Minecraft Adventures   VV         VV    
Minecraft Supreme   VV         VV    
Jr. Minecraft Modding       VV   VV      
Video Game Maker   VV           VV  
Tinker Code       VV       VV  
Programming with Dash/Dot         VV        
Engineering & Robotics                  
Space Engineer     VV       VV    
Jr. Robot Creator         VV     VV  
Jr. Robot Designer VV         VV      
Young Robot Builder           VV      
*Secret Agent     VV     VV      
*Sea Adventures             VV   VV
Grossology                 VV
Young Scientist         VV        
Can You Dig It? VV   VV            
Experience the Cosmo         VV     VV  
Young Physician               VV  
Movie Making                  
Stop Motion Explosion   VV       VV      

Campers must bring water, snack, and lunch. We are NUT-FREE. Please do not bring peanut butter sandwiches or other nut types for the health and safety of all our campers.


Art Potpourri – Gr.1-6 (all new projects)
Cost: $345/5 day camp

Drawing, Painting, and Sculpture! No theme, just great fun creating wonderful pieces of artwork while using a mixture of artist quality materials including clay, watercolor, paint, soft pastels, oil pastels, Art Stix, illustration markers, AquaStics, and more!  Try your hand at Zentangle patterns, printmaking, sewing, and collage to create mixed media and 3D designs. As students work in these different media components, they will culminate in self-discovery and creation of original art projects with a distinctive flair!

*NEW Famous Face/Famous Places – Gr. 1-6
Cost $345/5 day camp

Grab your passport and explore your way through the world of ART that spans the globe! From the Eiffel Tower, to deserts, igloos, the Colosseum, windmills, and famous cities, travel throughout time and location, as well as, create artwork in the style of famous artists like Rivera, Höch, Kandinsky, Dali, Klimt, Monet, Warhol, and Delaunay! Using clay, watercolor, acrylics, charcoal, oil pastels, scratchboard, illustration markers, and soft pastels, we will draw, paint, sculpt, photomontage and construct 2D and 3D masterpieces. Inspired by work from France, Germany, North American, Mexico, Holland, India, Japan, and Italy, campers create exciting projects that bring together art and architecture from around the world!

*NEW Art Expedition II – Gr. 1-6
Cost: $345/5 day camp

Grab your passport and head out on a bold art adventure! Using clay, watercolor, acrylics, charcoal, oil pastels, sand art, scratch art, foil and metal, wood and paper, we will draw, paint, sculpt, and construct 2D and 3D art projects. Inspired by the cultures of Tahiti, New Zealand, Hawaiian Islands, Philippines, India, Japan, and Korea, campers create fun and exciting projects that bring together art and history from around the world!

Some examples include: Maori masks, Koi windsock designs, Taiko drummers and Poi/Hula dancer paintings, Origami, sculpture, Batik creations, Gauguin landscape, and lots more.   

Pirate Adventures – Gr. 1-4
Cost $345/5 day camp  

Ahoy Matey! So, ye Lads and Lassies want t’ be like a pirate aye? Well then…sign ‘er up quick! We will spend the week training our young sprogs in the way of piracy, painting, drawing, carving, map making, sculpting clay, and learning pirate lingo. Each day pirates follow complex treasure hunts and find long lost treasure chests. Through the course of the week young pirates can be found playing pirate games, singing sea shanties or telling tales of the high sea. Shiver me timbers…we have an exciting week! Our counselors shed their landlubber stories and don “Captain Names” during the week. Come get yer swagger on an’ share some o’ yer favorite piratical ramblin’s with yer mates!

Animals on the Wild Side- Gr. 1-4
Cost $345/5 day camp  

Expect this camp to be a roaring good time! Our outrageous art activities include whacky birds, creepy crawlers, a super hero panda, a mouse that paints, a horse that flies, jungle dwellers, fiery dragons, dinosaurs, and funky art creatures that are bound to please our creative minded campers. Walk…on the wild sideas we draw, paint, sew, and sculpt with clay using artist quality media throughout the week! 

Star Wars Galactic! – Gr. 2-6
Cost: $345/5 day camp

Join us for a Star Wars adventure! Let your imagination run wild as you create a model of BB-8, sculpt a wise Yoda, design an R2-D2 tote bag, and build a light saber. Team up to play our Star Wars Trivia Game, Zentangle the legendary Darth Vader, create your own space creatures, make alien slime, construct a Death Star, and even join the Rebellion effort with new Rogue One projects such as painting AT-ACT combat walkers and drawing K-2SO the galactic empire security droid. Come dressed as your favorite character on the last day of camp! So many projects and so much fun in only 1 week!

Sew For Fun!Gr. 2-5
Cost: $380 5/day camp ($345 + $35 lab fee)

Campers will learn to translate an idea to a design on paper, sew by hand and on a machine under carefully managed sewing machine time. They will learn basic pattern making skills, safety skills and how to create patterns for their designs.  Once patterns are made campers will construct their designs using hand-sewing techniques and simple sewing machine stitches (straight and zig-zag). At the end of the week they will create a custom project from start to finish.  Examples of projects include: plush toy, tote bag, house shoes, apron, play cape and mask, pillowcase, and more! Sewing machines, fabric, and all sewing tools are provided. Students will take home their own personal sewing kit. Maximum of 10 students per camp.

Culinary Arts – Food Science

Mini-Chef – Gr. 1-3
Cost: $370/5 day camp ($345 + $25 lab fee)

This camp is for young kids who love to help in the kitchen. Our Mini-chefs will try different foods, eat what they prepare, and learn some basics of cooking and kitchen safety! With a focus on yummy, nutritious foods, campers will prepare healthy snacks and dishes, bake, cook, make finger-foods, blend smoothies, and discover low sugar desserts. We will explore the science behind cooking, test out experiments, learn how to set a table and clean-up, mix, measure, shake, and enjoy the taste of our own creations! On the last day of camp, our Mini-chefs take home their recipe cards for future cooking and invite parents to come eat goodies prepared just for them! 

Engineering, Robotics & Technology

Jr. Robot Creator – Gr. 1-3
Cost $345/5 day camp

Entry-level robotics and programming. Using LEGO® WeDo™ and Scratch, our young creators build snapping alligators, race cars, talking birds, spinning robots with Lego bricks, and program their creations with visual drag-and-drop software. They create fun Pokémon or animal-themed computer games and develop stories with backgrounds, characters and interaction, while learning coding fundamentals such as loops and variables. Throughout the week, campers make creatures that move, discover how to use sensors and motors, and when ready, create more advanced building and programming projects, such as a Ferris wheel, Carousel, or X-wing Fighter. Campers are encouraged to think critically about how their robot design can be changed and to understand more complicated engineering techniques such as gear use, pulleys, and inclined planes. Join us on Parent Day to discover what campers have created!
You can take Jr. Robot Creator and Jr. Robot Designer in any order…different projects and programs!

Jr. Robot Designer – Gr 1-3
Cost $335/5 day camp  

Entry-level robotics and programming. Using LEGO® WeDo2™ and Scratch2, our young creators build Milo the rover, a spy robot, musical instrument, glowing snail, dancing robot, moving satellite and a grabbing object tool with Lego bricks, and program their creations with visual drag-and-drop software. They create fun animal-themed computer games and develop stories with backgrounds, characters and interaction, while learning coding fundamentals such as loops and variables. Throughout the week, campers make robots that move, discover how to use sensors and motors, and when ready, create more advanced building and programming projects, such as a hazard alarm, robots that send messages and create emotions and expressions, design a device for drop and rescue, or monitor volcanic activity. Campers are encouraged to think critically about how their robot design can be changed and projects motivate students to collaborate, build, problem-solve and explore all while deepening their STEAM learning. Join us on Parent Day to discover what campers have created! You can take Jr. Robot Creator and Jr. Robot Designer in any order…different projects and programs!

Space Engineer – Gr. 2-4
Cost: $345/5 day camp

Make way for the final frontier… as campers design and build structures and space vehicles for living on far away planets! Space Engineer includes instruction on the Earth, Moon, stars, and planets. With Lego WeDo bricks and StarCampWeDo software,kids create programable robots used in outer space, as well as learn about force, friction, simple machines, and gravity. Projects include: a rotating satellite, space buggy, a stunning spaceship, terrestrial homes that can withstand alien atmospheres and a host of other exciting projects. Campers join the crew aboard the International Space Station (ISS) to learn about propulsion, friction and more. Campers build and launch two Estes Rockets as they learn about the physics of Space Travel. This is a camp your child won’t want to miss!

Young Robot Builder – Gr. 1-3
Cost: $360/5-day camp (includes Mars RC Rover + Super Solar Recycler)

Do you know how robots actually work?  In this camp, you will learn the mechanics of how robotic machines work and move. Using K’NEX Exploring Machines, campers are introduced to six simple machines and how they are incorporated into more complex machines. They learn about circuits and power sources as they build their radio-controlled “Mars-like” RC Rover robot and perform up to 23 experiments and activities!  Campers will have fun constructing, observing, and experimenting with our Super Solar Recycler Tin Can Robot which includes a Walking Robot, Bottle Yacht, Street Roller, Flying Bird, Drummer and CD-Racer!  This camp is packed with engineering concepts, fun and excitement! Campers take home the Mars Rover and Super Solar Robot they build in camp for hours of continued fun

Game Design & Programming

Programming with Dash & Dot – Gr. 1-3
Cost: $345/5 day camp

Good reading skills needed. Experience a whole different way of programming robots using “Dash & Dot”. These adorable bots will dance, talk, move through an obstacle course, learn sequences, and more as they follow the programs that you create for them. Using 4 different apps, games with animation and stories, in-app puzzles, and Scratch Jr., campers learn block based coding and tackle a series of fun, real world challenges that develop their ability to solve problems and understand how programming works. Each day includes non-screenbased activities such as building and constructing models and learning about circuitry. Programming sequences, loops, conditions, variables, and events are all important Computer Science concepts that kids need to learn and we make it fun!

Programming with Scratch- Gr. 3-6
Cost: $345/5 day camp

Campers will be using Scratch, a software program designed for children, ages 8-16, and teaches them the basics of programing as they create animated stories, video games, and interactive artwork. Using colorful programming blocks, campers drag and “snap” together the blocks to make a character (sprite) walk, speak, play music, or interact with other sprites. Since computer programming is considered the new literacy, children now have an opportunity to put together multimedia programs without any previous programming knowledge. As children create with Scratch, they learn to think creatively, work collaboratively, and reason systematically. They learn computer science sequences, loops, conditions, variable, and functions.

Beginning Minecraft Adventures – Gr. 1-4
Cost: $335 /5 day camp; $268 /4 day camp

NO experience needed. Think Minecraft is just a video game? Think again. Create, explore, and put your problem-solving skills to the test. Let’s pretend you’re alone in a mysterious new world, full of hidden dangers. You have only minutes to find food and shelter before darkness falls and the monsters come looking for you. What do you do? What we teach you might just save your life! Learn how to find resources; make a shelter; craft tools, armor, and weapons, and protect yourself from monsters. Campers also create their own adventure map as design, production, and test playing guide them. Campers learn how to work as a team as they take on the real-world jobs of programmer, game designer, artist, and architect. There are two modes of the game. The scenario above describes the survival mode. There is also a creative mode where there are no monsters and you will be able to fly around and have unlimited resources to build amazing creations and buildings. What kind of adventure you choose will be up to you!

All campers ARE REQUIRED to have a Minecraft™ account for this class. Purchase a standard account and desktop version of Minecraft™ ($26.95) at On the first day, campers must bring their login credentials for Minecraft to ensure a streamlined learning experience.

Minecraft Supreme – Gr. 3-6
Cost: $335 /5 day camp; $268 /4 day camp

This camp is for both the novice and experienced camper who have been playing Minecraft.
Minecraft™ has taken the world by storm with its block-building, digital game design that allows players to build, explore, create, collaborate, and even survive. With no set rules, you can build anything you can possibly imagine. During this week’s adventure, campers will learn different modes of playing. They will use cool mods as they escape monsters, build amazing structures, create maps, mine the world under their feet, climb the tallest mountains, and utilize robotic “turtles” to manipulate the vast world around them. They will learn real coding techniques to program their turtles to accomplish tasks while working as a team with other campers to unleash their creativity! Campers take on the real-world jobs of programmer, game designer, artist, and architect.

All campers ARE REQUIRED to have a Minecraft™ account for this class. Purchase a standard account and desktop version of Minecraft™ ($26.95) at On the first day, campers must bring their login credentials for Minecraft to ensure a streamlined learning experience.

Video Game Maker with Multimedia Fusion – Gr. 3-6
Cost: $345 /5 day camp

This is the camp to take for those that want their creativity to run wild and create a video game that others want to play. Terrific Scientific uses Fusion 2.5 from Clickteam to teach campers how to build two-dimensional video games. This software provides an easy-to-use game-authoring environment that allows campers to create many types of computer games, screen savers, and other applications. Campers will get started with a Space Shooter Game where they learn how to create moving backgrounds, add scores and lives, design instructions and titles, create waves of enemies, and transition screens. Later in the week, campers will learn how to create Maze and Platform Games.

Jr. Minecraft Modding – Gr. 3-6
Cost $345/5 day

This camp can be taken repeatedly! Kids NEVER reach the end of modding projects .
: Experienced with Minecraft and interested in programming.
Did you know that MinecraftTM was built using JavaTM code? In this camp, campers will build their own Minecraft servers in Java.  If your camper aspires to be the greatest Minecraft warrior of all time, this camp is for them.  While building a variety of “games within the game” using a code editor that supports both drag-and-drop and text based programming in a single environment, campers will learn valuable real world programming skills.  This camp is a brilliant way for kids to explore their creativity through real computing and have a blast sharing their mods with their friends in and out of camp! When this camp is taken repeatedly, kids are challenged to progress from drag-and-drop to text based programming, gradually stripping away the graphical support in phases to reveal and use the raw code underneath, using a trial-and-error approach.


*NEW Secret Agent– Gr. 1-3  
Cost: $345/5 day camp

Everybody loves a good mystery. Mysteries can take us out of ourselves and lead us to explore the far reaches of our imagination. But mysteries don’t just happen in books or movies, “Who Dunnit” investigations happen in real life as well. Our young detectives will collect evidence and facts to find the culprit of a devious plot.Through hands-on projects, we will learn about forensic science and how detectives and forensic scientists use science and critical thinking to do their job. We will search for clues, collect and analyze evidence, draw reasonable conclusions and leave no stone unturned! In no time at all, you will be thinking like a detective.

Sample Projects include: spy decoder and missions, maze obstacle course, footprints, invisible ink, DNA, special agent badges and disguises, fingerprinting, and lots more!

*NEW Sea Adventures – Gr. 1-3
Cost: $345/5 day camp

Arrrrrrrg! Welcome Me Hearties! Dive into our hands-on ocean adventure as we explore the many facets of marine biology! Sea Adventures will explore the crystal blue oceans studying the structure of our oceans, marine life, and environmental issues. In addition to our oceanography experiments and activities, no sea adventure would be complete without some pirate escapades in search of gold, gems, and of course, some buried treasure or learning the skill of orienteering with a compass as your guide.

Sample Projects:
The Ocean Zone Discovery Model, Map Making, Knot Tying, Ocean Wave Bottle, Shark Tooth Necklace, Urchin Wind Chime, Shark Survey and Orienteering just to name a few. An exciting week with lots of make and take projects!

Grossology! – Gr. 1-3
Cost $345/5 day camp  

Campers will discover loads of horribly fantastic experiments! Projects focus on blood, bones, and body bits! This is science with the squishy bits left in it! Tons of chemistry and biology for the aspiring doctor or scientist. Learn why we have earwax, spit, sweat, and gas! Projects Include: Bulging Bag of Brains, Simulated Mucus, Baby Diaper Dissection, Eyeball Acrobatics, Bird Barf and we are only getting started! Our young Grossologists will indulge in many other icky experiments. This is our most disgusting (and fun) camp ever!

Experience the Cosmos  – Gr. 2-5
Cost $345/5 day camp

Do you have a rocket scientist in your family? Join us as we race across the Milky Way with twenty hands-on projects and a virtual planetarium game to explore the universe. Experiment with screaming balloon rockets, build a sun dial, construct a telescope and launch an airburst rocket! Using computer simulation, discover how planets look, how solar systems are balanced and easily disturbed, try out different planet sizes and examine the effects of gravity. What happens if you make two galaxies collide or if your asteroid crashes into Earth? Model our solar system and create a glow in the dark Saturn, use solar glasses and design a UV bracelet! Campers learn about astronomy: stars, planets, galaxies, and astrophysics: how all these heavenly bodies work. Combining technology and fun activities, your child will be talking about this camp for a long time!

Can You Dig it? – Gr. 1-4
Cost $345/5 day camp

Have you ever dreamed of discovering a dinosaur bone or fossils in rock? Or perhaps you’d like to be the one to unearth a human artifact of a lost civilization. If so, you would make a good paleontologist or archaeologist. Come dig in the dirt with us and learn the difference! Go on our archaeological dig, open a Geode, find dinosaur bones and fossils, pan for gems & minerals, make sand painted medallions, learn about mummies and Egyptian pyramids, sort and classify arrowheads, shells, and animal tracks. Lots to take home and lots to talk about as you learn the secrets that our earth holds.  

Young Physician – Gr. 1-3
Cost: $345/5-day camp

Make NO bones about it; this camp is for the aspiring “Future Physician”. If your child enjoys checking out the cool gadgets and models in the Pediatrician’s office, sign them up!  Campers will learn how their bodies are a furnace, a filter, AND a fancy computer! They will discover their body has miles of blood vessels, hundreds of muscles, and many thousands of hairs; and they will perform hands-on experiments as they learn about their brains, blood, and bones, check heart rates and listen to their lungs with their very own stethoscope. Campers will extract DNA and learn about genetics, test for germs, and build a variety of creative models to take home.  Your young physician will really have a pulse on the human body with this camp.

Young Scientist – Gr. 1-3
Cost: $345
/5 day camp

Does your child enjoy doing hands-on experiments and learning how things work? Then Young Scientist is for you!  Designed to meet the needs of children ages 6-8, this camp covers a broad range of fun and exciting science topics such as: Chemistry, Biology, Physics and Lab Process Skills. Sample Projects include a Grow–Beast Experiment, Wacky Window Paint, Super Bouncing Balls, Cosmic Rocket, Wurmz and Dirt, Diving Submarines and more! All activities meet or exceed the National Science Standards. Fun and excitement is fostered by great lessons and active involvement.

Special Effects & Movie Making

Stop Motion Explosion – Gr. 3-6
Cost: $345/5 day camp

Stop motion animation is an incredibly fun, hands-on way to make amazing films, using a variety of materials and objects such as clay, LEGO and Minecraft figures and other everyday materials. In this camp young filmmakers will learn the science of film and animation. Stop motion animation was first used in early films such as King Kong and the silent pictures especially when it came to special effects. Using ZU3D software and Minecraft apps, we provide campers with storyboard techniques, script writing, set design ideas, character development, film angles, lighting, special effects, and methods to add titles and rolling credits. Campers learn to create stories full of action and suspense by building a story arc and exploring narrative elements, such as point of view, character expressions, and environments. They will also learn how to use armature-based figures and are encouraged to bring their own mini props from home. If you are living with the next Stephen Spielberg, your young director won’t want to miss this camp!

Requirements: Bring 4g flash drive to camp to take your movie home!

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